Small Business Web Design

However small or new you may be, the benefits of having a well designed website are limitless. A website that enables you to further promote your business, state your company mission and get across how great the service you provide really is.

At TechPhobe, we are trained to provide you with a search engine friendly site and a responsive and visually appealing design. More importantly we tailor our work according to your vision and your requirements.

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Brand Identity & Marketing

For us Brand Identity & Marketing certainly does not start and end with the way your logo looks or what services you provide your customers. Whilst those things are important, we believe that your identity translates to your business values and the core of why you do what you do.

At TechPhobe, the question we ask ourselves each time, is how can we provide you with the best service & solutions whilst keeping the above in mind. Our assurance, is that we will take time to understand what your business is or what it will be and go forth on that basis.

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Complete Online Store (eCommerce)

The world has changed significantly over the last ten years, particularly as technology has advanced and businesses have gradually added an online presence. Some have even made the decision to leave their high street premises and operate solely through their website.

Whether you are looking for an online store to compliment your existing premises / business, or a standalone site to promote & sell your products and services. We can provide the right solution for you! There are plenty of existing setups out there for you to use. All of which tend to come with a regular monthly or annual fee and are limited when it comes to customising the design. At TechPhobe, we will design and build you a standalone online store, that lives on a domain that you own and have control over.

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Advanced Portals & Large Business Web Design

Its absolutely wonderful, when you are at that stage where your business has exponentially grown and you have the opportunity to upgrade your office space, hire additional staff and increase your marketing budget. So it is a great pleasure to help businesses, who are at this point move their website and functionality on to the next stage. We look at ways, of which we can improve on what is currently there and help you move towards your next business milestone.

We have had the pleasure of designing & providing crowdfunding platforms, social communities / forums, project management systems, intranets and many other setups that involve a higher level of technical approach and planning.

If you have read the About Us section, you will know that we are very much behind individuals & businesses that want to bring their vision to life.
So nothing would give us greater pleasure than to help you achieve that!

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WordPress Website

Built originally as an online publishing tool. WordPress is now most the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world! In fact, some of the major names out there use WordPress on their websites (Playstation, MTV News, Disney, Sony...to name a few).

If you are looking for a easy to use blogging platform, then this is definitely the way forward. At TechPhobe, we can get WordPress setup, design the overall look and layout for you and ensure it is SEO friendly.

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"People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe"

-Simon Sinek