"Our mission, is to deliver high quality
web design, brand identity & marketing to our clients. So, we are continuously looking for new trends & methods to ensure those standards are met."

TechPhobe was founded in
Worthing, West Sussex in 2013...

How TechPhobe came to exist is a funny story, as believe it or not it.....it was never my intention to start a Web Design business.

It all started in 2009, I had what I thought was an amazing idea for a successful and profitable website. So I spent days, weeks and months learning how to turn the vision in my head in to something that could be viewed on a www address, whilst also designing the branding to go with it.
Three (brain aching) months later, I had a fully functioning website and was feeling very proud of myself......the only problem being, is despite my efforts, it flopped. So eventually, I shut the site down and let the domain expire.
After that, I seemed to have regular lightbulb moments, where an idea would pop in to my head and moments later I had registered a domain and begun work on getting the website / brand identity designed. This went on a lot and the late nights and lack of interaction (from me) drove my wife (girlfriend at the time) nuts .
By mid 2013, I had five unsuccessful websites behind me and it felt awful. I couldn't understand why they hadn't had the success I had planned and worked hard for them to have. I sat there and went through it all in my mind, and once again had another lightbulb moment, except this time it was a good one! I realised that the days, weeks, months and years spent on these ideas had left me with a decent skillset in web design & brand identity.
So after that, I set about creating yet another website. Except this time it would be to offer my services to help other people turn their vision in to a successful and profitable business. I am pleased to say that I have had the pleasure of providing web design, brand identity and marketing services to individuals / businesses from all parts of the world.
Recently, I have decided to step back from doing the practical part to the design work and leave it in the capable hands of the great team of designers that I now work alongside. My new role involves focusing my energy and attention on personally meeting with individuals / businesses to help identify, plan & prepare their branding / marketing.

Sam Olliver

"Creativity is a Wild Mind with a Disciplined Eye"

- Dorothy Parker